Antique Engine 2

1950 Seagrave pumper (Parade Piece - Retired)
Antique Engine 2 is a beautiful open-cab 1950 Seagrave that is privately owned by G.V.F.D. member Thomas Sharpley and his wife Catherine; "The Vintage Fire Brigade." It is equipped with a 750 GPM midship pump and a 200 gallon tank.  The vintage pumper is an almost identical replica of the original 1948 Seagrave that was owned by the G.V.F.D. from 1960-1968.  The Sharpley's purchased the truck to honor the heritage of the department, during 2007.  Marked with departmental insignia, the antique piece routinely travels to numerous parades and other events throughout the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula, often with our active fleet of apparatus. The unit has also been used during departmental funeral details. At various times throughout the year the antique pumper is housed in the fire station, and may be viewed by the public.  

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